Test Name: CF60 Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screen

Methodology: PCR

Test Description

The Luminex xTAG Cystic Fibrosis 60 v2 (CF 60 panel) is an FDA-cleared device used to simultaneously detect and identify a panel of mutations and variants in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance (CFTR) gene in human blood specimens. The mutations analyzed include: dF508, dI507, G542X, G85E, R117H, 621+1G>T, 711+1G>T, N1303K, R334W, R347P, A455E, 1717-1G>A, R560T, R553X, G551D, 1898+1G>A, 2184delA, 2789+5G>A, 3120+1G>A, R1162X, 3659delC, 3849+10kbC>T, W1282X, 1078delT, 394delTT, Y122X, R347H, V520F, A559T, S549R(T>G), S549N, 1898+5G>T, 2183AA>G, 2307insA, Y1092XC>A, Y1092XC>G, M1101K, S1255X(ex.19), S1255X(ex.20), 3876delA, 3905insT, CFTR dele2,3, E60X, R75X, 406-1G>A, G178R, L206W, 935delA, G330X, Q493X, 1677delTA, 2055del9>A, 2143delT, K710X, Q890X, 3199del6, R1066C, W1089X, D1152H, R1158X, 3791delC, S1196X, 5T, 7T, 9T, F508C, 1507V (1651A/G), and I506V.

Specimen Requirements

Whole blood specimens. Acceptable specimen collection/transport containers are:
•EDTA - minimum volume 1 mL

Storage and Transport

Specimens can be shipped with cool pack and stored at 2 - 8°C. Viability after transfer to collection/transport tube is:
•EDTA: 5 Days

Specimen Rejection Criteria

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Turn Around Time (TAT): 3 - 5 Days

CPT Codes*: 81220

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