Test Name: QuadVysion

Methodology: IHC

Test Description

This test uses a combination of several antibodies (applied to a single slide) that differentially stain for basal cells and neoplastic cells in the prostate: P504S stains prostate adenocarcinoma, whereas p63 and the high molecular weight cytokeratins stain benign prostate basal epithelial tissue. These are combined with C-MYC, a proto-oncogene. C-MYC is amplified in 20-30% of breast cancer cases; associated with HER2 amplification and poor outcome. C-MYC expression in primary prostate tumor is biologically relevant and may be a predictor of future biochemical recurrence. This combination may help differentiate prostate cancer from precancerous lesions such as prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN), especially when tissue is limited.

Specimen Requirements

A formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block is preferred specimen type or one (1) unbaked, unstained slide cut at 4-5 microns for H&E staining (required) and two to three (2-3) positively charged unstained slides cut at 3-4 microns for each test/antibody ordered.

Storage and Transport

Use cold pack during transport of paraffin blocks and unstained slides. Cold pack should not be placed in direct contact with the specimen during shipping

Specimen Rejection Criteria

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Turn Around Time (TAT): 2-3 Days

CPT Codes*: 88344

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